Pot baked whole chicken


One of the most likely prepared food all over the world is meet, especially a chicken meet. Above this matter cooking chicken as whole seems difficult yet tricky. Not at all, I have a lovely experience to share with this recipe making.
Always remember to be as creative as you can. By creative, it is to be altered by some thing you feel. So here you go yet another exciting recipe, the specialty of the recipe that is being made in a pot.


1 Whole chicken with/with out skin.
1 Tikka masala (any ready masala or red chilli powder)
2 medium sized potatoes.
2 Tbsp oil.


-In a large baking dish put the chicken at the center and mark few cuts all around on it.

-Make a paste with masala powder and oil.
-Rub all this paste over the chicken also inside cuts.
– Make thick slices of potatoes with/without peeling.
-Put potatoes slices all around the edges of the platter.
– Cover the dish with foil properly.
– Preheat an empty big size pot for around 10 min and put the dish in the pot for an hour to get bake.
Or you can bake in the regular over on 180 C for 30 min.
Enjoy! 🙂


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